About Us


As been online since 1997, start as the website for Leonardslee Plants (Loder Plants) which a good friend and I put together and ran for many year until to script became unstable

There a couple of reasons, why we have put this website back together


We have noticed that a lot of forms of Rhododendrons have disappeared from view either due to difficulty to propagate them or just forgotten overtime so we thought it would be nice to keep them alive here to refresh our memory of them.


We certainly don't have all of these varieties available but we will be delighted if you show interest and enquirer so we know what would be a good idea to propagate and then they may come available on loder.uk.

Just felt, just because it’s not available does not mean it’s not needed so please ask here by putting a quote together.


And it’s not really to sell anything, When we are out and about we wanted to see which plants we have pictures of and which we don’t. And if we got something wrong please correct us, Your welcome to add comments in the reviews or maybe send us better pictures.