Medium Hybrids

A robust plant suitable for the average sized garden that will look good in shrub borders or as a specimen. Most will start to flower at a young age, producing a mass of blooms and will flower reliably every year.

This site is purely for information purposes, so we can build up a picture of Rhododendron's people want, but can’t find. You can ask, as I hope you do so, and we will try to find. Thank you

Attractive upright shrub. Dark green narrow leaves, hairy when young. Scented white flowers with a green blotch. Mild areas/ cold greenhouse.Flower Colour : Scented white flowers with a green blotchFlowering Time : April-June Scented :   Yes Ultimate Height :  2.00 metres / 6 feet 6 inchesParentage : Hardiness : 0 to -12°C (20°F to 10°F) Hardy outdoors in milder parts of UK but can damaged in severest weather.Group : Compact & Medium Species up to 2m..

Rhododendron lyi 98576

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